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Traci Jeffrey

My Story

Hi everyone!  I’m so glad you’re here! My prayer is that you will be blessed by your visit and that you find some faith lessons, truths and inspiration for this journey we call life! 


I married at 18 to the love of my life…..that was 38 years ago,  and I’m blessed we are still madly in love. My husband’s given name is Tom, but everyone around here just calls him Grumpy. People often ask how he earned that name when he is one of the kindest, most gentle and generous of men that you will ever meet with the sweetest personality. I just tell them the truth in response….he raised four daughters! Our girls decided when they were in high school that when they married and had children of their own, his grandparent name would be Grumpy...and here we are…..Grammy and Grumpy to 8 beautiful little blessings.


Grumpy and I live on a small family farm in Texas that was purchased from Mexico by my ancestors when they settled here.   Our home (not the original homestead) was built in 1913 by my great grandparents, and is filled with family memories and traditions. I love this old farm. It’s weathered many storms, seen births and deaths, family celebrations and everything in between. If walls could talk,  these old walls would tell you that this family has loved one another deeply and built faith and tradition through everyday homelife as well as during times of celebration. As a family we are deeply rooted by each generation that has lived and loved in this place, and tasked with continuing the inherited treasures of faith, family and tradition we have been given. 


I am a passionate storyteller and weaver.  I love to take precious memories of family life and weave them into biblical truths to inspire others to live their “blessed” life now….. A life that is Christ centered and authentic.  We have been given amazing grace and opportunity to relish in the blessings that our Heavenly Father offers to each of us, but sometimes life is hard and filled with scary and hurtful things and we forget our blessedness and feel forgotten and lost.  My sincerest hope is that you will come to know that some of our greatest blessings come in the midst of our worst heartaches. LIfe can be hard, but it can also be holy, and it is up to us to decide on which of these we will place our focus. I pray that you be reminded of each blessing that you have in your life and even discover  new ones each time you visit here. I also hope that you will find inspiration for daily living, a place for your faith to grow, creative ideas for creating family memories and traditions, and a love for building a family home with a firm foundation in Christ. 


Peace and Blessings to all,



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